Marks of Wellner Metal Ware Factory.

Dr. David N. Nikogosyan, Bonn, Germany.

This book with 517 pages is devoted to the marks of August Wellner factory. Probably, it is the first full description of all known Wellner marks, set on cutlery, knives (both from iron and from stainless steel), hollow ware and flatware items, made of Alpacca, Pacfong, stainless steel and, of course, silver-plated articles. Besides the main factory in Aue, Saxony (1883 – 1948), the author describes the marks used by three branches: Argenteria Wellner in Florence, Italy (1926 – 1945), Wellner branch in Schwäbisch Gmünd, West Germany (c.1950 – c.1970), and Wellner branches in GDR: VVB MEWA, Zwickau (c.1948 – c.1952); VEB v. WELLNER, AUE (c.1952 – c.1954); VEB ABS or simply ABS, Aue (c.1954 – c.1991). The writing of the book took 16 months. However, the accumulation of the necessary material took fifteen years.


Marks of Wellner Metal Ware Factory.

Appendix to my previous papers:
“D.N. Nikogosyan: B.Bohrmann/B.Bohrmann Nachfolger (Successor) Company, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 1. History; (2019)”


“D.N. Nikogosyan: B.Bohrmann/B.Bohrmann Nachfolger (Successor) Company, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 2. List of Marks; (2019)”

a) The first name of Bohrmann is Bernhard. This information was found in the 1878 city address book of Frankfurt/Main. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Andreas Trotz from Brandenburg, who sent me the screenshots of the pages from this book in the middle of May, 2021.

b) From this material it follows, that in 1878 Mr. Bohrmann was still alive. In my papers, mentioned above, it was established, that Bernhard Bohrmann died between 1877 and 1881. Now I can state more precisely that he died between 1878 and 1881.

c) Finally, I can now decipher the LANGGLÜK letter combination on some Bohrmann marks, which was used around 1900. This strange combination was created from the name of the GLÜKHER & LANG company in Esslingen, which collaborated with the B.Bohrmann Nachfolger company.

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